In Memory of Dr. Edward Ng Wai Kwok伍煒國 (FA 1957)




  In Memory of Dr. Edward Ng Wai Kwok 伍煒國 (FA 1957)






Announcement of passing away of Dr. Edward Ng 伍煒國 


Date: December 15, 2018 




Dear family and friends of Edward,


We're deeply saddened by the loss of our father in the early morning of Friday 12/14/2018. During the past six months, Edward had been suffering from increasing pain due to metastatic spinal cancer and we are relieved that he is now free of that pain.


We sincerely appreciate the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers coming from so many of you.  The outpouring of support has shown how many lives our dad truly touched.


As many of you know, our dad really wanted "no fanfare" after his passing.  He didn't like limelight and requested that there be no funeral service nor memorial luncheons or dinners -- the immediate family will just gather at the graveside to say a quiet farewell.  So, we will stay true to his wishes as best we can.


Many people have reached out to ask how they can be supportive. Our mom and our families need time to grieve in private and so respectfully request that you defer calls and visits for a while.  During this period, we also cannot ensure that we will be that responsive to email.


If you have any favorite photos of Edward, please add them to this shared Google Photos album called Memories of Edward Ng.  If it's too hard to use Google Photos, email the photos to: and I will upload them for you.  Also, feel free to share this link:


Instead of flowers, if you feel called to somehow honor Edward, here are some charities and causes he cared most about: 


Wellness Works - serving veterans and their families with trauma


Humane Society International - helping animals around the world


Columbia University - supporting research and scholarship


World Vision - Christian humanitarian organization addressing poverty and injustice


Thank you again for all of your support and condolences through this difficult time.




-- Grace, Elliott, Stan, Chester and our families



Celebrating the life of Dr. Edward Ng  伍煒國


By Dr. Peter T. Poon  潘天佑 (FA 1960)




Our very good friend Edward passed away on December 14, 2018. His loving family included his wife Grace, their three sons, daughters-in-law, and their precious grandchildren.  A graduate of Queen Elizabeth School ( Form 5) in 1957, Edward had many outstanding accomplishments which are described in Wikipedia:


Since Edward was three years ahead of me, I did not know him at QES.  Fortunately, I got to know him as we both attended Chinese Evangelical Free Church of Los Angeles in Monterey Park and later Lake Ave Church in Pasadena. As colleagues at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, for over thirty years, we worked in different areas most of the time.  Edward was a manager with many outstanding publications in a broad variety of mathematical applications in space science and engineering, and also in the spin-off of technology from the space program.  I was a manager who worked on missions to Mars, Saturn, and other planets, and my work involved sensitive information which could not be published.  Fortunately, we had lunch together regularly and we talked about various kinds of topics.


Edward enjoyed the friendship of QES alumni, and participated regularly in QESAAUSA functions.  He was QESAAUSA Social Activities Director in Southern California 2001-03.  An admirer of our beloved Principal Dr. Hinton, he was also very friendly and kind towards the others.


When I think of Edward, I think of an intellectual not only with outstanding scientific accomplishments but also a great friend with empathy towards the elderly and compassion towards the underprivileged and the destitute in our society.  As an example, knowing some elderly people needed transportation to see doctors, he volunteered to provide transportation for them.


Edward’s life was a testimony of excellence as a son, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a brother, an uncle, a professional, a friend, and an especially helpful friend to the elderly. Edward was well-respected and well-liked by his colleagues at NASA/JPL/Caltech. As friends who were honest with each other, we shared our thoughts when we went through good times as well as bad times.


A smile comes to my face whenever I think of Edward. The reason is that he had a great sense of humor and we often laughed together.  He is resting in the peace and love of God, and I look forward to seeing him again in the eternity of spacetime.


If those who remember Edward want to share stories and reflections with the family, they are invited to email to his son Elliott at




From: Yiu K. Leung  (梁耀觀 FA 1960)


Date: Dec 17, 2018


I just want to share with QESAAUSA members the following:


"Dr. Ed Ng was the Social Activities Director (2001/2003) in LA.  In 2002 QESAAUSA had the annual meeting party in a club house.  He came up from LA a bit early and asked me what he could he do to help.  I told him we lacked decoration for the party and he went to Party America to purchase the decoration material.  He was always helpful


Two or three years ago, when I was in LA and plan a lunch gathering with Mable/Peter, Teresa/Keith, and Susanna/Paul, I invited Dr. Ng to join us for the gathering, he told me he was a bit tired and declined.  Unknown to me he was already sick and suffering from physical pain at that time. 


Now we hope that Dr. Edward Ng Wai Kwok (伍煒國)is in a peaceful and better place.  We'll miss him.


YK Leung





From: Ed Sun (孫忠耀  FA 1962)


Date: Monday, December 17, 2018


Subject: Re: [QESAAUSA] Remembering our great friend Dr. Edward Ng 伍煒國


Very shocked and saddened by this news!
I don’t know Edward Ng very well and had only met him during a couple of alumni reunion meetings over 10 years ago. He struck me as a calm and polite gentleman. From what I heard and read about him, I came to admire him for his engineering and management achievements at NASA, and, above all, his modesty. I think a perfect characterization of him would be
I am very proud that our alma mater had produced such a fine person, but very sad that he has left us.
May he rest in peace!







From: Beth Pao (鮑佩薏 FA 1971)


Date: Jan 22, 2019


Dear Elliott,


My name is Beth Pao, and I am the Treasurer of the organization Queen Elizabeth School Alumni Association USA (QESAAUSA).  As you know, your father had attended QES in Hong Kong in his teen years.  He was also a strong and dedicated supporter of the organization.  On behalf of the entire organization, we send our deep condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father last month.  In memory of your father, and to honor the wishes of your family, we have made a token monetary donation to the Humane Society International (receipt below).


Our deepest sympathy and warmest regards to your mother Grace, and everyone in the family









From: Elliott Ng


Date:  Jan 22, 2019



Thanks for reaching out and this is a touching gesture from a community that I know meant a lot to my father. 

Thank you for the blessing and well wish.





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