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Tribute to QES 2018

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2018 Summer Gathering (at South San Francisco)

2018 Summer Gathering:

Photos by Ed Sun:

Photos by Louie Cheng:   (Link to a facebook page)



Tribute to QES 2017

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Dr. Arthur Hinton, former Principal of QES, passed away on Nov 23, 2017.

Light a Candle for Dr. Hinton!



Dr. Arthur Hinton 1920 - 2017




Screenwriter L.P. Leung on his movie ‘The Jade Pendant -- 唐人街 1871’ and its 50 Year Journey

An interview with L.P. Leung about his movie   The Jade Pendant -- 唐人街 1871.  

"The Jade Pendant is a tragic love story during a period of time when Chinese Americans were despised and excluded from white society. The Massacre is a byproduct of this time period that American history has suppressed. I wanted to present an entertaining film but also expose the truth about the struggles and discrimination that Chinese Americans faced."  -- LP Leung


QES Alumni Got Talent

Lap Poon Leung, 57FA, Author of The Jade Pendant

Professor Ken Chong chosen as speaker of ASME 2015

On behalf of QES Alumni Association of USA, we would like to extend our Congratulations to Professor Chong's recent outstanding achievement as the Keynote Speaker of ASME for 2015. We are extremely proud that he is our our alumnus.  Please read the Sing Tao Daily article posted.  We trust that the article will definitely provide significant inspiration to our younger students.